Jiangsu customer production workshop real map

Guangdong Xin Hui of Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., focus on stretch film unit equipment and solutions to provide, from the beginning of the establishment of a set of product design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the stretch stretch film unit professional manufacturing model , Can produce single, double, three, multi-layer co-extruded unit series, covering the product width from 500-2000mm, to meet the individual needs of different corporate customers.

Since the establishment of the company since the formation of a mechanical hardware designers, automation software, senior engineers, technical testing engineers, professional marketing staff, after-sales technical service commissioners and other components of the responsibility, integrity and professionalism of the team. With professional skills and service, based on the needs of the industry to provide customers with stable performance, excellent technical equipment.

In order to meet the customer's demand for high-quality equipment, Xin Hui has introduced high-precision testing equipment, the use of imported accessories, and learn from the advantages of similar European machinery, sustained stretch film manufacturing and application of technological innovation, adhere to independent research and development Quality production of the development model, and constantly develop new units to improve manufacturing standards and won the unanimous recognition of the market and customers, our products at home and abroad, and exported to the United States, Russia, Spain, Argentina and other countries and regions around the world.

Xin Hui Da relying on the introduction of foreign professional and technical research and independent research and development continue to put into the transformation, now has a number of invention and application patents, through the ISO international certification and 3C certification, and was identified as national high-tech enterprises, world-renowned. The future, we will adhere to the development of positioning, continue to provide customers with high-performance equipment to win the market, create Xin Hui of professional brand, to promote the development of the industry progress