XHD-80/120/80x2350 fully automatic three layers 2000 mm cast stretch film machine with a center winder
Detailed Description
High capacity: speed 350m / min; maximum yield up to 12T / day.
High intelligence: man-machine interface integration, electronic remote monitoring fast service, more advanced intelligent control system.
High-quality: four-axis for the volume, servo drive, the output of finished product quality higher, sticky, stretch, puncture resistance better.
Low energy consumption: special custom energy efficient insulation system, a significant reduction in energy consumption.
Easy to operate: one person operation, a key speed, temperature control module.

Four-axis intelligent winding film machine in line with national policy support, in line with the development trend of foreign technology, the future will lead the market for film machine. To achieve truly fully automated operations, to produce products and similar products comparable to the international. (Compared with similar products, and can significantly reduce energy consumption and strong costs!)

Model:                         XHD-80/120/80×2400 
Product thickness:       0.012-0.05 mm 
Screw diameter:          80/120/80 mm 
Production capacity:    250-400 kg/h 
Screw diameter ratio:  32:1
Design line speed:       350 m/Min
Screw speed:              10-150 rpm 
Layer structure:           ABC/ACBCA 
Product width:             2000 mm/4×500 mm 
Total Weight:               35T
Installation power:       300kw 
Dimensions:                (L) 18000X (W) 7000X (H) 5000 mm